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It All Started With A Broken Heart

Back in 2019, I (hey, I'm Will!) was growing increasingly unsatisfied with my life - I was working in a job I hated, dealing with a broken heart, losing motivation to stay in shape, and I really felt like my life was going downhill at a time when it should've just been taking off. After spending 9 intense months of trying to find myself, I came back stronger than ever. The big difference? My mindset completely shifted.

I quickly realized, however, that I was (and am still) not the only one that gets impacted by social pressures around career, relationships, health, and ambition. As a young adult who figured out how to take control of his mindset, I realize that I hold a lot of keys to achieving success. Thus, a seed was planted in my mind, and my mission became clear - build a global community to help millions of people overcome the mental battles that prevent them from achieving their biggest dreams.

And just like that, Sprouht was born.

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