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36 Hours On Canada's LONGEST Train

In this video I showcase Gusta's plant-based products as an ideal set of meals and snacks to consume while travelling across Canada. I showed where to find Gusta's products, which ones I like to consume, and recommend them to better your health and ecological footprint.

48 Hours In Canada's Forgotten Province

In this video, I showcase Tru Earth's eco-friendly laundry strips as a versatile, travel-friendly tool to bring and use while you are travelling around. While staying at Canada's only 360 degree rotating house, they had laundry service available, and Tru Earth's products were a perfect fit to use.


50 Hours In A Province Nobody Visits

I worked with the tourism board of Manitoba to showcase one of Canada's prairie provinces. From planning places to see and booking specific wellness-related activities, I show how Travel Manitoba is a resourceful organization to use when planning a trip to this province.

Day 1 In Saskatchewan - My First Impressions

I worked with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the tourism board of Saskatoon to properly plan a perfect day in Saskatchewan, ultimately trying to show viewers how misunderstood this province really is.


do you want to join The team?

Sprouht is an international brand whose mission is to empower people to live a more fulfilling life through building an unbreakable mindset. I am looking for young, hungry individuals who believe in this mission and have the creative skills to push this vision to new levels.

Where you live, what you look like, and how old you are is not of concern; what I want you to know is that when you join my team, you're part of the family, and my family never, ever stops chasing greatness.

Video Editor

I am looking for a Video Editor to improve the process of my creative outflow.
The Video Editor will work closely with the founder to ensure that the vision of every video is properly built and created. The candidate will be the primary person responsible for editing the footage from each video and building out their storylines. The ideal candidate will be passionate about the mission of the company, passionate about the creator economy, has experience editing for YouTube and has top level leadership skills.
What You'll Do
  • Orchestrate the process of creation from idea to publishing
  • Curate the stories that have the potential to go viral and change the world
  • Be involved in all phases of pre-production, production and post-production
  • Be called upon to come on adventures and help film our stories.
Who You Are
  • A master in emotion driven storytelling
  • A proven and dedicated leader
  • Able to pivot and find creative ways to make a story better when it needs to be bettered
  • Willing to challenge your team on everything and not afraid of conflict
  • Familiar with creating and using motion graphics

To apply, please send the following in an email to will@sprouht.com
- Your full name, your resume, links to your social media profiles, the city that you are currently based in, and a paragraph explaining why you believe you are the right fit to be a Sprouht editor.

Thank you, and good luck!

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