75 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

A 75-day intense self-discovery challenge that will guarantee to help you find answers to most of life's biggest questions.

Use these journal prompts as part of your new daily journal routine. I recommend that you wait at least 7-10 days before reusing a prompt, and I’ve designed this list so that you can actually follow the prompts in a sequence.

Keep this list handy, it will serve you well in seeing how your goals, ambitions, desires, and values change over the next few weeks and months.

1 - What’s the first thing you turn to when you’re sad? Is it healthy?

2 - Write down a definition of who you are - the good and the bad.

3 - What are your biggest time wasters?

4 - Where would you be if all of your goals were accomplished?

5 - 5 pieces of advice you’d give to a random stranger

6 - What changes do you want to see in your life in 5 years?

7- What things am I willing to let go of so I can live my best life?

8 - What do you want to be remembered for and how can you work towards that?

9 - What would your “ideal” self say to your current self?

10 - You’re at your happiest when…

11 - Write down the positive ways you’ve changed in the last 5 years

12 - What compliment do you want to receive the most?

13 - If the sky was my limit, who would I be?

14 - What makes you unique?

15 - What are some things I’ve always wanted to learn about?

16 - Write down one of your long-term goals in life.

17 - Why do you doubt yourself? What holds you back?

18 - What is making you happy in your life right now? Why?

19 - What does your dream life look like?

20 - Where do you see yourself in 3 months?

21 - Where do you see yourself in 30 days?

22 - Where do you see yourself in 6 months?

23 - How do you spend your Sundays? What can you do to improve them?

24 - What are you appreciative for right now?

25 - If you could do anything with your life right now, what would it be?

26 - Think about something you wish you had known 3 years ago. If you could go back and give yourself the advice you needed at the time, how would your life change?

27 - Imagine a crystal ball that can give you the answer to one question about your future. What would you ask? What would you hope to see?

28 - Describe 5 nice things that happened to you in the past week. Then, list 5 nice things you will do for others next week.

29 - Complete this sentence and then keep writing: “Tomorrow, I’m finally going to ____.”

30 - Describe your perfect job, and be honest. (Assume you’re set for life financially, so “no job at all” is an option too.)

31 - What was your first job, and how did you grow since then?

32 - Who or what gives you inspiration in your professional life?

33 - Within the next year, how can you improve your career?

34 - How would you improve your industry if you had more influence?

35 - What’s one thing you definitely want to accomplish before you retire?

36 - Think about a relationship you need to improve in your life. What went wrong, and what can you do to fix it?

37 - Name three people you admire. Do they know you admire them? How did they change your life?

38 - What do people like about you? Are these the same things you like about yourself?

39 - Complete this sentence and then keep writing: “I owe an apology to ____.”

40 - What is an assumption people tend to make about you?

41 - What do you value most in a friend?

42 - Imagine a world where you could do everything you like without being judged by the people around you. Would anything change in your life?

43 - Pick one thing that’s standing in the way of your dreams. What could you achieve if that one thing was removed from your life?

44 - What are 10 things you’d like to do before you turn 30? Don’t think much, just write the first 10 on your mind.

45 - Talk about something that scares you.

46 - Talk about your diet. Are you happy with it or do you want to change something about it? What is your relationship to food — what makes you happy about eating, what causes you stress about it?

47 - Do you get enough sleep? Do you usually wake up well-rested? How can you improve your sleep (1 way)?

48 - If you use social media, describe the ways each platform impacts your day. What are the upsides and downsides of spending time online?

49 - Describe your morning in detail. Do you have a consistent morning routine? Is there anything you could do in the mornings to make your day easier?

50 - How often do you work out, and how does it make you feel?

51 - Complete this sentence and then keep writing: “I spend too much time on ____.”

52 - What are you hoping to do next time you take a day off from work/school?

53 - How are you feeling today?

54 - Being overly generous and being excessively critical can both cause problems in life. Do you tend to fall into one (or both) of those extremes? Which do you think is the better way to approach yourself or others?

55 - How do you tend to handle uncertain situations?

56 - If you lost your job, dropped out of school, and had no money. How much confidence (on a scale of 1-10) would you have in yourself to get it all back?

57 - Make a bucket list of 5 things you want to achieve in the next 7 days.

58 - Do you feel your life is in balance? Is there something you should be doing more (or less) of?

59 - Imagine a biography written about you. What would the title and tagline be?

60 - Describe an event that changed you for the better.

61 - When you’re in a bad mood, what can you do to turn your day around?

62 - What makes you happy about the place you live in?

63 - When was the last time you were truly relaxed?

64 - What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited? How did it make you feel?

65 - What’s going great in your life right now?

66 - Talk about a book or movie that had a positive impact on your life. How did it change you?

67 - What would a perfect day look like for you?

68 - Recall an occasion someone was kind to you when you weren’t expecting it.

69 - Do you think failure is a good thing or a bad thing? Why?

70 - If a random stranger came up to you on the street and asked you for one piece of general life advice, what would you tell them?

71 - What are some habits that have changed your life?

72 - What’s your favourite book? Why?

73 - Why are some people happy and others not? What’s the main difference?

74 - Would you rather have all of the money in the world but never be happy, or have an average amount of money but always be happy?

75 - Has journaling impacted your life? If so, in which ways?


Be prepared for change.