The Big Bang: A Sprouht Self-Growth Experience

Get fit, meet cool people, set goals, and learn new things about yourself. A one of a kind curated self-growth experience.

William Rossy
Founder of Sprouht


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About This Event

Young adults these days want to live a fulfilling life, in all aspects. They want to wake up to work in a job that they love, to be in a deep relationship with a caring person, to have incredibly powerful friends, to look and feel healthy, and to have a purpose.

The issue is that young adults, for the most part, don’t know how to make that happen.

That’s why we’re here. We are filling in the gaps.


We will be hosting a self-growth experience designed to give you a new series of tools that you can apply to your life and use to build your best version of yourself. We will have an outdoor workout, a self-growth workshop (focused on habits & goal setting), and at the end of all of this, we'll have a little networking session, spike-ball tournament, drinks & snacks, and you'll get to wear the first ever piece of Sprouht apparel - our "it's a mindset" tee (free w/ticket purchase)!

LOCATION: Sprouht HQ, 9494 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2N 1P4

DATE: Sunday July 10, 2022


9:00 am: Orientation (30min)

10:00 am: Outdoor Circuit Workout (30min)

10:45 am: Self-Growth Workshop (45-60min)

12:00 pm: Drinks, networking, spike-ball, and much more!

We cannot wait to see you all for this amazing event!


  • Notebook to write in
  • Writing instrument (pen, pencil, etc.)
  • Yoga mat or beach towel (for workout)
  • Water bottle

Please note: by signing up to this event, you consent to being featured in a YouTube video on the Sprouht channel and recognize that you will inspire many people to take the first step towards massively improving their lives.

Retreat Schedule

The only way that you are truly going to learn as much as you possibly should be learning within the time frame of this retreat is if you do your best to live in the present moment. Below is a rough itinerary of what is going to go down during this retreat, but a lack of explanation is done on purpose so that you stay on your toes and let us help you plant the right seeds for success in your mind.

Rough Itinerary

1 - in the "office:"

  • Introduction
  • "The Hot Seat" - a challenging activity to get everyone acquainted with each other

2 - at the park: 

  • Workout led by a professional circuit-training instructor
  • "Break The Ice" - a series of community-building exercises mixed in with lots of great snacks
  • Understanding the fundamentals of discomfort - interactive workshop with real-life application activities

3 - back to the "office:" 

  • Healthy lunch provided by a local Montreal restaurant
  • Why small actions lead to big results - workshop on building habits, developing consistency, and creating actionable growth goals

Things You'll Need To Bring

  • A change of clothes (1 pair of athletic clothes for our workout and 1 extra outfit)
  • A large beach towel
  • Writing tools (pen/pencil & paper - for note-taking)
  • A positive, open-minded attitude (this is a huge key for success!)
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