Self-Growth Events

A self-growth event is an experience that is designed to improve your life and give you a series of new tools that will bring you closer to living your most fulfilling life.

A fulfilling life is achieved when you can confidently say that you have attained fulfillment in the following 6 pillars: your career, your sexual relationships, your health & wellness, your friendships, self-love, and your travels.
The events that we create take different forms to tailor to different needs, but in general, they attack a variety of the pillars stated above.
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Meet-Ups & Activities

The purpose of these events is to allow members of our community (or potential members) to taste-test what Sprouht offers and how Sprouht can help you. The majority of these events will be free and shouldn't last more than one or two hours in total.
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Online "Masterminds"

The purpose of these events is to access members of our community that cannot attend any in-person events. We will establish an online workshop/discussion/Q&A session that will allow members to talk about various self-improvement topics.
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Events & Retreats

The purpose of these events is to bring people together and provide them with the opportunity to meet people, learn new skills, and to experience a series of events that will put them on a path towards living their best lives. These are our signature events.
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Meet-Ups & Activities

Meet-ups & activities coming Soon

Online "Masterminds"

Online masterminds coming soon.

Events & Retreats

July 10, 2022
9:00 am
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The Big Bang: A Sprouht Self-Growth Experience

Get fit, meet cool people, set goals, and learn new things about yourself. A one of a kind curated self-growth experience.

July 10, 2022
Montreal, Canada 🇨🇦

Early price.
Only 138 tickets left.

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